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HAWAI has 30 years of experience in producing liquid detergents to clean your house and for personal hygienic use.

Our experience, organizational efficiency, and operational flexibility, helps us to relate and deal with the needs of our consumers, in an efficient and professional manner.

Our trademark HAWAI was registered in 1966 and is now a symbol of cleanness. We are very proud to have since the 1990,a mark called ANTHYLLIS (a new personal line of products with an elevated standard of quality) and ORIS (lower priced products).

Because of our continuing research and the market demand for environmentally friendly products, our company had developed a new line of ecological products called ECOSI'.This line is based on the use of natural vegetable products,

Our wide range of products have the highest standard of quality, and are able to satisfy any commercial and distributive requirements, guaranteeing competitive prices on today’s market.


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Linea Anthyllis
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Linea Hawai
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Linea Oris
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Linea Ecosì
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The  HAWAI trademark was created in 1966, and today is synonymous for cleanness.

The experience and maturity of the company, is able to offer efficient, flexible and organized service, and is always willing to work with others providing the type of services they demand.




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